How To Make Tumbler Cups With Mod Podge

How To Make Tumbler Cups With Mod Podge. Materials used:the glitter guy 30oz cu. When you glitter a tumbler, you need a way to secure the glitter so it doesn’t come off every time you touch it.

Mod Podge Resin DIY Tumblers YouTube from

There are a few things you may want to keep in mind before you begin though. Includes 2 stainless steel 20oz tumblers with lids. Learn how to make your own diy fabric tumblers with this step by step tutorial.

These Tumblers Are Handmade And Made To Order.

Do not apply the design element where it can be in contact with food or your lips. Mod podge as a sealant on glitter tumblers diy. Wash and dry your tumbler.

Image Is Silver Unless Specified Otherwise.

Includes 2 stainless steel 20oz tumblers with lids. Sprinkle confetti inside of your mod podged tumbler. Apply a layer of mod podge with long even strokes.

Use Your Foam Brush To Apply Mod Podge To The Entire Inside Of Your Tumbler.

4oz mod podge to apply your glitter to the tumber before sealing it with amazing clear cast. Materials used:the glitter guy 30oz cu. Black on top and you choose the bottom color and i'll add a few holographic sparkles for a beautiful touch.

**Choose A Size And Color (See Pictures).

These tumblers are super easy to make and are almost fool proof, so they're g. I tried two things for this tutorial: Apply vinyl decal or more glitter.

Let Them Dry For 30 Minutes Or So And Spray Another Layer.

It’s super easy to attach the water slide decal paper to your decorated yeti cup. It is essential to work soon to ensure that mod podge doesn’t dry too quickly. To actually apply your mod podge glue to your surface of choice without it having streaks, be sure that it has fully dried after the initial cleaning process.

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