How To Collect Stool Sample For Occult Blood

How To Collect Stool Sample For Occult Blood. Remove slide from paper dispensing envelope. The three specimens should be delivered to your nearest st.

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Drawing of hands holding a card containing a stool sample. In the same manner, apply a very thin stool smear to window b. Remove slide from paper dispensing envelope.

Deposit Sample In The Container.

Place newspaper or plastic wrap underneath the toilet seat, but hanging over the water in the toilet. The fecal occult blood test results. Securely fasten the lid back onto the container 5.

Obtain A Second Sample Of The Stool, From A Different Location.

• for 3 days before and during stool collection period, avoid vitamin c in excess of 250 mg/day from supplements, and citrus fruits and juices. Open the sample bottle by twisting and lifting the green cap. Blood in the stool means there is likely some kind of bleeding in the digestive tract.

A Nurse Has Received A Prescription To Obtain A Specimen For An Occult Blood Test In A Client Who Is Being Assessed For Colon Cancer.

Record the total weight and collection time of the sample on both the sample container and the test requisition. Your healthcare provider will tell you why you’re having the test. You can place a sheet of plastic wrap loosely across the toilet bowl to catch the stool or you can use a dry container to collect the stool.

Plastic Wrap/ Newspaper Underneath The Toilet Seat To Catch Stool Sample.

Use the package to collect and prepare stool samples for the occult blood test. If your provider recommends a fecal occult blood test, you need to get it every year. The cover under the tab holder.

Make Sure The Sample Does Not Mix In With Urine Or Water From The Toilet.

There are two different ways to collect a stool sample: It may be caused by a variety of conditions, including: A stool (faeces) sample should be collected from each of 3 consecutive bowel movements.

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