How To Clean Hot Tub Filter With Muriatic Acid

How To Clean Hot Tub Filter With Muriatic Acid. White vinegar is another option, though it will make your hot tub smell like vinegar for a while after you install the clean cartridges. For spa owners with hard water, calcium deposits may restrict filter cartridge flow.

ACID Magic Muriatic Acid Alternative Leslie's Pool Supplies from

Fill a huge bucket or basin with water and add one part muriatic acid to twenty parts water. The acid you use to maintain the ph of the spa water can also be used to clean the filter. Always wear gloves and eye protection when handling muriatic acid.

Rinse The Filter Well With A Hose.

Allow the muriatic acid to soak away for 15 minutes maximum. The maximum ratio you would ever want to use is 1:4, but 1:20 is sufficient for cleaning the filter. Do not attempt to drain a fiberglass pool on your own.

Retest The Ph And Adjust If Necessary.

Using a clean bucket, dilute one part acid into 10 parts water. Remove your filter from the solution and rinse it with a hose and then reinstall it. Put on your goggles and gloves.

How To Clean Pool Filter Cartridge With Muriatic Acid.

And then pour in the muriatic acid. The first step is to shut down the pool pump and the water supply. It is important to note that you can acid wash a pool with water still in it.

However, Hot Tub Filters Cleaned With It Are Slightly More Dangerous.

Spa manufacturers recommend cleaning the filter regularly — as often as every two. The ec65 manual states 1:1 ratio of 20% acid. My acid is 30% and the bucket filled with water is pretty close to the full 5.

Acrylic Baths Can Be Cleaned With A Standard Bath Cleaner Or With ¼ Teaspoon Of Chlorine Diluted In Five Gallons Of Warm Water.

It’s important that you first turn off the water supply to ensure that before the pump to make sure water drains off the risk of shock while removing the filters. Muriatic acid can be used to clean your filter. How to clean hot tub cartridge filter apply a few drops of muriatic acid to the cartridge filter.

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