How To Check Node Version In Angular Project

How To Check Node Version In Angular Project. This post discusses various methods for showing the v8 version of the nodejs environment. Show activity on this post.

With NX you must install the NX version that matches the major version
With NX you must install the NX version that matches the major version from

See the angular project version from package.json file. Now to check the npm version, type. It is strictly recommended that you install the node package manager with node.js.

Now To Check The Npm Version, Type.

How to check which versions of node angular cli supports. It gives the version for angular cli. Angular cli allows you to start a project with only one command.

Running The Following Command Will Give You A Semi Sorted Version List To Go Through.

To see what versions of node the angular cli supports, you can check the package.json file in the project on github. Press ctrl+alt+t for opening the terminal on your system and run this command to install node.js. Go to the directory of project xpto and set nvm to use the correct node version:

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We need to update our dependencies, so let’s. Open the terminal + view in your project and type. Also, you might not want to.

How To Check The Node And Npm Tools Version?

It will ask two questions. At the root of your project, you will see the package.json file, open this file and find @angular/cli and some other packages such as forms, common, animations. Two ways to check the angular version projectwise.

If You Really Want To Know The Project Version, Go To Your Project, Use The Below Command.

Create a file and name it check_node_version.js; After installing the node.js, check node version that you have installed with the help of the following command. It is strongly suggested that you install node.js with the node package manager.