How To Check Ac Compressor Relay

How To Check Ac Compressor Relay. Disconnect the power connectors from the ac clutch compressor and set the multimeter on dc (direct current). Then, use the screwdriver to screw the relay back into the air conditioner.

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Steps for testing an ac compressor with a multimeter. Before testing a compressor relay, unplug the refrigerator to avoid an electrical shock hazard. To bypass the relay, plug the a/c back in.

If The Outside Unit Of Your Ac Keeps Tripping The Circuit Breaker And Often Loses Power, It Could Be A Sign The Compressor Has Failed.

The system trips the circuit breaker repeatedly. With the relay in the vertical position, coil downwards, check if there is continuity between terminals 1 and 3. Take the fused jumper wire and connect its one end to that side of the wire connector that was connected to the compressor.

Locate The Air Conditioner Clutch Relay By Tracing The Wire Connection From The Air Conditioner.

If the wires are broke you can splice a new connector to the wires. It will usually produce a familiar. If there is, change the relay.

Test The A/C To See If It’s Working.

Connect the positive probe leads to one of the terminals and connect the negative probe to the battery ground. Inspect the wiring and the plug for heat damage and repair as needed. At the compressor’s front side, unplug the single wire connector, take a jumper wire and attach it to the wire that you just disconnected from the compressor.

One Of The Most Obvious Signs That The Ac Relay May Have A Problem Is That The Compressor Is Not Coming On At All.

Unplug the single wire connector on the front side of the compressor. Apply power (12volts) to pin 86 and ground to pin 85.the relay should click. You can test the clutch relay for power with a test light.

Steps For Testing An Ac Compressor With A Multimeter.

Connect the other end of the jumper’s wire to the positive terminal of the car battery. All you have to do is unscrew the relay. Measure for continuity between pins 30 and 87a.there should be less than 1ohm resistance.