Floor Drain Trap Primer Installation

Floor Drain Trap Primer Installation. For easy assess to the trap seal primer, install a union connection above it. The number of traps serviced by any trap primer is a function of activation

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Frequently, without such a device, Discover (and save!) your own pins on pinterest • if all four outlets are not used, plug remaining outlets with the pipe plugs supplied.

If There Is No Trap Primer Or It Stops Working, Then When Water.

20 feet of the valve or faucet for optimal discharge. Floor drains and primer lines. How do you install trap seal primer?

A Trap Primer Is Installed On The Floor Drain Trap To Maintain Water In The Trap.

Installation replenishes water in floor drain traps to prevent escape of sewer gas. The trap primer mitigates this. We can even show you where you have floor drains and plumbing fixture traps througout your home.

• If All Four Outlets Are Not Used, Plug Remaining Outlets With The Pipe Plugs Supplied.

Frequently, without such a device, Flush valve trap seal primers flush valve trap seal primers are installed below the flush valve and direct an amount of waste water discharged from the flush valve into a tube that connects to the floor drain trap to maintain the water seal. Lead free* series lftp300 trap primers are installed in plumbing systems to prevent floor drain traps from losing their water seal by evaporation.

The Water In The Trap Provides A Seal Against Sewer Gas Entering The Building Through The Drain.

It operates by sensing the pressure drop in the supply line from downstream fixtures or appliances. Trap primer valve shall have large port openings. If the trap primer is installed too far upstream in the system, the pressure drop may not be enough for activation.

The Pipe Connecting The Primer Valve Bottom Outlet To The Drain Trap Should Be At Least 1/2 In.

It is our recommendation that the distribution unit be mounted level. The proflo trap primer distribution unit is engineered to receive a metered amount of water from a trap seal primer and distribute the water equally to either two, three or four floor drain traps. Primer valve must be mounted vertically with sufficient clearance above valve to remove cap.

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